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Reckless Reach Promotional Sale! ~ 20% OFF

Reckless Assault Gaming is excited to offer a new promotion that is running from NOW until April 1st called the “Reckless Reach” Sale.

We here at Reckless recognize that sometimes, everyone needs help no matter how big or small and to throw our hat in, Reckless Assault will be offering a 1% discount PER CAN donated up to a maximum of 20% off.

These cans of food can be for the People or for Animals, all we ask is that the label is still intact so we don’t confuse them!

And if the 20% discount was not enough incentive, we will also be drawing for an IMPERIAL KNIGHT WARDEN (190$ value).

How it works is for every can you bring in to discount a purchase you will receive 1 “ticket” and while the discount is limited, the tickets are not.

eg. you bring in 20 cans of food, you get 20% off and 20 entries into the drawing.
eg2. you bring in 30 cans of food, you get 20% off and 30 entries into the drawing.

The drawing will of course be recorded on an unedited Reckless Moment and be published a day or two after the contest ends.

So, what are you waiting for! Come on down to Reckless Assault Gaming located at 109 Elm St, Unit S8 and lets show Sudbury how far the gaming communities’ reach truly is.

Eligible items/stipulations;

Food fit for Human or Pet consumption. All food MUST have the label intact.

Larger donations such as bags of pet food or large bags of rice, etc.. will be given extra tickets. We can talk in person and decide together what the ticket / % value is. If you have any questions whatsoever, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Promotion applies only to Games Workshop products, if you wish to apply to other items we carry please speak with us. Promotion applies to instore / web store items.

Promotion only applies to orders over 50$ or online orders over 80$.

We look forward to seeing you all in store!