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A Reckless Moment 5

In this video we discuss even more store updates, community tournaments & events, and of course our GW plug of the week!

Quick Disclaimer

We’re doing things a bit differently in this one, we’ve introduced some new segments / edits. Please be patient while we work out the kinks. There is a slight microphone issue that will be resolved in the next video, if it becomes too annoying please just turn down your volume slightly and it should remove the feedback. We got a new camera and unfortunately we are not certified to operate it :lol:

Constructive feedback is always welcome! As well, if there is anything people want to see, I’m happy to talk about just about anything.

And keeping up with tradition, this video is even longer than all previous videos.

A Reckless Moment

Hey All!

In this video we discuss store updates, health updates & what it means to own an LGS – as well, the community focused website Dark Shard and we introduce a new segment called GW Plug of the Week.

As always, Stay Reckless!

A Reckless Moment

Hello All,

We have started a new Video series with the new year called “A Reckless Moment”. You can find updates as they happen on our website as well!

The production value is a bit low for this one but with more videos we will be stepping up our game while we learn software / better ways of doing things, we just wanted to put something out there for the community to let them know what’s going on and to keep you updated on all our going ons!

Thanks for watching!

And as always, stay reckless!