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Reckless Assault Presents: Once Every 4 Years’ 40k Tourney!

To celebrate our glorious new space, Reckless Assault is running a 40k Tournament on Saturday February 27th.

Reckless Assault Presents: Once Every 4 Years 40k Tourney!

That’s right, once every 4 years something amazing happens and no it’s not GW Offering discounts, it’s the Reckless Assault “Once Every 4 Year” Tournament!

This tournament will be run slightly different to what most people are used to.

Rules/What’s allowed
1500 SINGLE CAD Lists only (no formations, detachments, dual cads, etc)
No Forge world
No “Knight” statlines (wraithknights, imperial knights, etc..)

There will be 3-5 prizes raffled off(depending on amount of entrants) as well as a best painted prize sponsored by the one and only Dark Shard. Due to prizes being raffled off, entrants are encourged to bring “Fun/Fluffy” lists as you can go 0-3 and still take the grand prize! The more entrants, the bigger the prize pool! We will be putting the full Tournament fees into prizes/snacks.

*Best painted can only be won by models you have personally painted. Commissions are not eligible.

Entry will be :15bux: and will cover prizes and snacks.

Dinner will not be provided but snacks will (pop, chips, etc..) Entrants are encouraged to bring food if they need to eat! Worst comes to worse, Clark will do a food run if required.

Registration/Matching will start at 1 and games should be starting around 1:30pm.

1st Match – 1:30pm Ends at 3:00pm.
2nd Match – 3:15pm ends at 5:45pm
3rd Match – 6:00pm ends at 8:30pm

Prizes will be given out by 9:00pm at the absolute latest.

If the games go quicker than anticipated, the schedule will be adjusted as needed but all games will go for a max time of 2 hours and 30minutes.

Sign up over at the Dark Shard thread here