Reckless Reach Promotional Sale! ~ 20% OFF

Reckless Assault Gaming is excited to offer a new promotion that is running from NOW until April 1st called the “Reckless Reach” Sale.

We here at Reckless recognize that sometimes, everyone needs help no matter how big or small and to throw our hat in, Reckless Assault will be offering a 1% discount PER CAN donated up to a maximum of 20% off.

These cans of food can be for the People or for Animals, all we ask is that the label is still intact so we don’t confuse them!

And if the 20% discount was not enough incentive, we will also be drawing for an IMPERIAL KNIGHT WARDEN (190$ value).

How it works is for every can you bring in to discount a purchase you will receive 1 “ticket” and while the discount is limited, the tickets are not.

eg. you bring in 20 cans of food, you get 20% off and 20 entries into the drawing.
eg2. you bring in 30 cans of food, you get 20% off and 30 entries into the drawing.

The drawing will of course be recorded on an unedited Reckless Moment and be published a day or two after the contest ends.

So, what are you waiting for! Come on down to Reckless Assault Gaming located at 109 Elm St, Unit S8 and lets show Sudbury how far the gaming communities’ reach truly is.

Eligible items/stipulations;

Food fit for Human or Pet consumption. All food MUST have the label intact.

Larger donations such as bags of pet food or large bags of rice, etc.. will be given extra tickets. We can talk in person and decide together what the ticket / % value is. If you have any questions whatsoever, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Promotion applies only to Games Workshop products, if you wish to apply to other items we carry please speak with us. Promotion applies to instore / web store items.

Promotion only applies to orders over 50$ or online orders over 80$.

We look forward to seeing you all in store!

The Borg have Arrived

Tonight we had our bi-weekly Star Trek Attack Wing meetup. This week we decided to do a team based custom campaign against the Giant Borg Cube.

It was quite the struggle with many bothans dyin…. err many Captains being assimilated but in the end, the Borg queen was no match for the combined efforts of the Federation, Dominion, Romulans and Species 8472



We play Star Trek Attack Wing every second Tuesday at Reckless Assault, come on down — invitation not required!

New Used Model Lots

A quick reminder to keep an eye on our used model lot page, we have a constant cycling of stock rotation so if you are looking for good deals on models, take a look!

If you have something you are looking for that is not listed, do not hesitate to shoot us an email and we will see what we can do!

You can find the used lot page HERE.

Happy Wargaming!

A Reckless Moment 5

In this video we discuss even more store updates, community tournaments & events, and of course our GW plug of the week!

Quick Disclaimer

We’re doing things a bit differently in this one, we’ve introduced some new segments / edits. Please be patient while we work out the kinks. There is a slight microphone issue that will be resolved in the next video, if it becomes too annoying please just turn down your volume slightly and it should remove the feedback. We got a new camera and unfortunately we are not certified to operate it :lol:

Constructive feedback is always welcome! As well, if there is anything people want to see, I’m happy to talk about just about anything.

And keeping up with tradition, this video is even longer than all previous videos.

Reckless Assault Presents: Once Every 4 Years’ 40k Tourney!

To celebrate our glorious new space, Reckless Assault is running a 40k Tournament on Saturday February 27th.

Reckless Assault Presents: Once Every 4 Years 40k Tourney!

That’s right, once every 4 years something amazing happens and no it’s not GW Offering discounts, it’s the Reckless Assault “Once Every 4 Year” Tournament!

This tournament will be run slightly different to what most people are used to.

Rules/What’s allowed
1500 SINGLE CAD Lists only (no formations, detachments, dual cads, etc)
No Forge world
No “Knight” statlines (wraithknights, imperial knights, etc..)

There will be 3-5 prizes raffled off(depending on amount of entrants) as well as a best painted prize sponsored by the one and only Dark Shard. Due to prizes being raffled off, entrants are encourged to bring “Fun/Fluffy” lists as you can go 0-3 and still take the grand prize! The more entrants, the bigger the prize pool! We will be putting the full Tournament fees into prizes/snacks.

*Best painted can only be won by models you have personally painted. Commissions are not eligible.

Entry will be :15bux: and will cover prizes and snacks.

Dinner will not be provided but snacks will (pop, chips, etc..) Entrants are encouraged to bring food if they need to eat! Worst comes to worse, Clark will do a food run if required.

Registration/Matching will start at 1 and games should be starting around 1:30pm.

1st Match – 1:30pm Ends at 3:00pm.
2nd Match – 3:15pm ends at 5:45pm
3rd Match – 6:00pm ends at 8:30pm

Prizes will be given out by 9:00pm at the absolute latest.

If the games go quicker than anticipated, the schedule will be adjusted as needed but all games will go for a max time of 2 hours and 30minutes.

Sign up over at the Dark Shard thread here

A Reckless Moment

Hey All!

In this video we discuss store updates, health updates & what it means to own an LGS – as well, the community focused website Dark Shard and we introduce a new segment called GW Plug of the Week.

As always, Stay Reckless!

A Reckless Moment

Hello All,

We have started a new Video series with the new year called “A Reckless Moment”. You can find updates as they happen on our website as well!

The production value is a bit low for this one but with more videos we will be stepping up our game while we learn software / better ways of doing things, we just wanted to put something out there for the community to let them know what’s going on and to keep you updated on all our going ons!

Thanks for watching!

And as always, stay reckless!

Happy New Year!

Greetings Wargamers!

A new year is upon us and that means lots of things, new resolutions,  new plans, new hair do, heck maybe even a new you! To help facilitate all of the big changes going on in your life, we will be stocking the new Start Collecting! line by Games Workshop.

Introducing Start Collecting! All of these boxes are only $100! Whether you’re looking to start a new army or build up your existing force we have you covered. Starting Saturday, January 9th, 2016 Reckless Assault Gaming will be stocking this exciting new line. Due to the increased savings, we feel it is our job to offer even more savings by allowing people who pre-order from us either over the phone or in store to save the tax! That’s right, only $100 for any of the new boxes.

We look forward to seeing you in store!

Holiday Hours of Operation

We would like to remind everyone that we will be closed Saturday December 19th for a christmas party but will be open Sunday for Dark Shard Sunday as well as the following Saturday the 26th.

Holiday Hours of Operation:
19th – Closed
20th – Dark Shard Sunday
21st – OPEN
22nd – OPEN
23rd – OPEN
24th – CLOSED ( Last minute gifts available via text/pm/dm )
25th – CLOSED
26th – CLOSED
28th – CLOSED
29th – CLOSED
Jan 31st – Closed @ 1pm
Jan 1st – CLOSED
Jan 2nd – OPEN Regular Hours